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What sets us apart from other Amusement Companies is our non-stop attention to detail
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Our mission is to provide a family fun and safe environment that everyone will enjoy! 
B.A.J.Amusements  /   Beer and Jessop Amusements
A family owned and operated company that spans 6 generations. 
Mrs. Caroline Jessop (the Lady confectioner), started her traveling concession business in 1852. She sold candy at many Fairs throughout multiple states, traveling from town to town in covered wagons. Charles and Ida Mae Jessop (2nd. generation) carried on the family tradition of candy making and passed it on to their daughter Lucille. Dorothy Lucille Jessop married Harry Beer (3rd. generation) that started Beer's and Jessop's. Harry and Lucille's successful candy business in Indiana and Michigan went so well that they added amusement rides to the business to make it even better, to pass it on to their son and daughter in law Robert and Jacquelyn Beer (4th. generation).

Bob and Jaci continued adding rides, food trailers and games during there time, so they could pass their successful business model of
CLEAN WHOLESOME family fun on to Thomas Beer, John Beer and their wives Trisha and Tabby (5th. generation). Tom and John successfully operate their Family business which evolved into
B.A.J.Amusements, and continue to evolve with the times to get even better. Along with Tom's kids; Tommy Jessop Beer and Cecile E. Beer (6th. generation), our story will continue to get better and better every day.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and we strive to make sure   that TRUST is never broken.  Our committees are our partners and we work closely with them to make the Festival Attendee experience at all of our events, a happy and safe one.

We have our own in-house Marketing Department

Experienced.  Driven.  Results.
 Increased Attendance
+   Enjoyable Experience
 Increased Revenue

"just makes sense"
In addition to mandatory State inspections and ride manufacturer's safety specifications,
and before the rides are open to your Festival Attendees, we conduct our own " safety checks".
These safety checks are done on each ride, throughout the day.
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